Jeremy Ensrud, MA.EDLD

I am a biology teacher at Canby high School in Canby, Oregon. I am an apple teacher. Apple recognizes me for demonstrating my skills using Apple products to enhance productivity and inspire creativity in my classroom. In my classes I use iPads as a teaching tool to improve student creativity, engagement, self-efficacy, and self-directed learning. My students are using mobile devices to, explore, investigate, analyze, and create meaningful products throughout their scientific investigations. Mobile technology helps me monitor student learning, so that I can provide timely individualized feedback to my students. I am using a combination of blended instruction, and student-centered assessment to create a classroom environment consistent with the technology standard of tomorrow’s workplace.

My wife Alyson and I have two children, Ethan and Emilia. Our family enjoys the outdoors, together. We hike, raft, camp, surf, and dive together. During the summers I am a whitewater rafting guide for Sage Canyon Outfitters ( located in Maupin, Oregon.